Sunday, April 28, 2013

Making a Gardening Notebook

Since we moved into our new home my daughter has started to garden.  I wanted to make her a nice notebook to help her plan and keep track of all the hard work she has done.  If you wanted to make one for your kids here is what I did. 

I found a great printable gardening notebook for her at About.   But I didn't like the cover, and it wasn't personalized.  So I found this Pretty Trellis I could print out and write her name in.  You don't have to print out every page for the notebook and some of them you might want multiple pages for, like the plant profile page and the journaling page. 

For younger children you can add some pages about the seed to plant process, or coloring pages for each type of plant that you are planting.  

A few tips: Make sure your printer is set to auto landscape/portrait because the pages flip back and forth between the 2.  If you choose a different page for the cover like I did make sure you don't get the website and date time stamps on the top and bottom of the page.  If you chose to print black and white make sure your printer is set to grey scale or it will come out as a pink color instead.  Make copies of the originals and keep the originals so you can do it again the next planting season. 

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