Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sock Containers or How boys become girls

These have been floating around the house for a couple of days now.  I had no idea what they were, they looked like a Christmas Ornament.  My boys were really enjoying them though.  My 4 yr old discovered that if you put them in your shirt, you suddenly became a girl.  Suddenly all my boys had boobs.  And they were very proud of themselves.  Last night at dinner my daughter was playing with them at the table and said, "I see the boys got a hold of my sock containers."  Oh so thats what they are.  I guess I could have looked at the tag, if I had half a brain.  I told her, "Oh thats what they are.  Your brothers have been using them as boobs."  Yea, theres a conversation everyone has at the dinner table.  Once again, kids like the packaging more than the actual contents.  Although, this is probably the wrong way to be enjoying it. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

36 weeks pg update

Yes, I am huge.  Surprisingly, I am not feeling too bad.  Just typical pg discomforts.  From not getting enough sleep I can tell my brain is not functioning like it should.  I find myself leaving words out of sentences, I have to double check when I text someone make sure it went to the right person and it was coherent.  Only 6 more weeks though, 6 more weeks.  Thats what I keep telling myself. 

We have the bassinet all set up.  We got a new one.  We had this problem with space.  We had no where to put the baby once they outgrew the bassinet.  The crib was already in use and we had no where for a second crib.  So we got a toddler bed off craigslist for my toddler and put that where the crib was.  Then we just happened on the travel crib when looking for a stroller.  This way I can fit them both in my room and the baby can be in there for quite some time.  I am hoping for 18 months.  I needed a new bassinet anyway, mine is showing its age.  The zipper to hold the bedding on was broken, it was written on, stained, the basket underneath was broken and it terrified me that the kids would knock it over.  So this fixes that problem as well.  And it stores much smaller than the bassinet.  Not that I think we will have it in storage much. 

I bought some paper diapers for the first two weeks.  Gone are the days where I can use cloth from the moment of birth.  Someday, when I have kids who can do laundry for us, we can do that again.  These diapers are SO tiny, I hope they fit. My last never could wear newborn diapers.  They had to give us some size ones in the hospital.  But I am hoping for a little bit smaller baby this time. 

Bags are packed, baby clothes are put away, cloth diapers are stacked neatly in the cabinet.  Now I just need to feed the freezer and get some snacks together for the kids to take to grandmas house.  Oh yea and get a stroller. At least I don't need that.  At least right away. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Printing out Fun

You don't have to be a homeschooler to have a little educational fun.  I remember doing Mad Libs over summer break when I was a kid.  While trying to help my own children remember the differences between Adjectives and Adverbs, Nouns and Pronouns I figured they too could use a few mad libs.  What I didn't think was that I would go through a whole ream of paper printing it out for them and using every internet resource I have because they liked them so much. 

If you are looking for some educational fun word here are some links that you will love:

Mad libs by season and holiday

A ghost story mad lib in pdf format

Mad Lib to do online or print out

Printable Boggle Games - no pieces to loose, more people can play than can sit around a table and can be done anywhere. 

Word Searches with answer keys

There are few things as enjoyable as hearing a table full of laughing kids. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Numbers that scare me

There are a few numbers that truly scare me.  7 - thats the number of centimeters I have gotten stuck at in labor.  Just tell me I am 7 cm and panic sets in.  80 - I don't know any one in my family who has lived to see 90.  So I know if you hit 80, death lingers.  And now a new number.  13.  I have a teenager.  A 13 year old. 

I have been saying it over and over the last couple of weeks, but when the reality hit. Wow!  I have a teenager.  Wasn't I just a teenager? How did I go from being a teenager to having a teenager? 

Now I have to face the reality, that I could potentially have to deal with all the crap I put my parents through as a teenager.  That there will be crying fits and screaming and slamming doors.  That she will like boys and hate me.  That she is closer to being an adult than she is to being a child. 

Yup, I am terrified.  13 is a scary number.  Yet, strangely, I have never been more proud.