Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Numbers that scare me

There are a few numbers that truly scare me.  7 - thats the number of centimeters I have gotten stuck at in labor.  Just tell me I am 7 cm and panic sets in.  80 - I don't know any one in my family who has lived to see 90.  So I know if you hit 80, death lingers.  And now a new number.  13.  I have a teenager.  A 13 year old. 

I have been saying it over and over the last couple of weeks, but when the reality hit. Wow!  I have a teenager.  Wasn't I just a teenager? How did I go from being a teenager to having a teenager? 

Now I have to face the reality, that I could potentially have to deal with all the crap I put my parents through as a teenager.  That there will be crying fits and screaming and slamming doors.  That she will like boys and hate me.  That she is closer to being an adult than she is to being a child. 

Yup, I am terrified.  13 is a scary number.  Yet, strangely, I have never been more proud. 

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