Thursday, February 17, 2011

Passing Judgement

We have all been there.  In a store somewhere and someone is loudly talking on a cell phone, perhaps not paying attention to their children as they run around, not noticing as other people are trying to get by or reach something on a shelf around them.  Maybe even seen a couple or friends seemingly having an argument out in public.  We think how rude they are, can't they just take it inside, call them back when they are done shopping, is it really that important.  Oh we are so holier than thou.  Until you are on the other side.

Over the weekend my grandfather passed away.  He lived across the country from us and I had to make the difficult decision if I should risk flying 2000 miles away for the funeral a month into my third trimester.  Meanwhile of course life goes on.  I still have birthdays to buy for, meals to plan, events to go to.  Not that I think sitting at home moping around would do any good anyway, but it is rather difficult to do those things while your mind is elsewhere.  One of the things I had to do was go shopping with my mother, she needed winter clothes for the trip. 

Off at Kohls, I am pushing a cart and talking to the dh on the phone about whether or not I should attempt to go to the funeral.  To make matters more difficult the funeral was on Tuesday, this was Sunday.  I had to make a decision quick.  I come around a corner and someone, who was not looking, turned and almost walked into me.  She excused her self and I said it was ok.  But I was on the phone and busy getting out of the way so she and her partner probably didn't hear me.  I am hoping they didn't hear me because their reaction if they did would be just down right rude then.  The male said, "Oh never mind its ok.  Geez, some people are so rude."  I ignored it and went on with my conversation with dh.  I owed them no explanations, they were the ones not watching where they were going. 

But it made me realize all those times that I had assumed too much, I really didn't know what was going on.  I just wished people would put the phone down and pay attention already, but I never stopped to consider there are times where cell phones and conversations simply can not wait.  I am sure most times its unnecessary for people to be on the phone, that it probably could wait, but how do I know which time is which?  I hope in the future I have more patience and understanding.  Because there is nothing worse than when you already down to be kicked again. 

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  1. Sorry to hear of your grandfather’s passing, may the Lord hold you and yours in the hollow of His hand. Blessings to you for a quiver full, you really do have at lease 2 full time jobs one that requires 24/7/365. It is easy to be hard on ourselves when the Lord convicts us. We are to use righteous judgments and often we are just so overwhelmed with life and everyday happenings we just fall sometimes. Did you make the trip and how is everyone doing? Due to health there were some missed funerals in my life and it was hard for me to accept that I had to stay home, yet the Lord was full of grace and brought peace with the choice. Good to see you are home schooling your children. We schooled ours at home through high school and beyond. Learning is a lifestyle the Bible tells us to renew our minds daily and according to 2 Peter after faith and virtue comes knowledge, etc.
    Mrs. J.