Friday, February 4, 2011

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Thats what my grandmother told me when I complained that a friend of mine went out and bought an identical pair of earings to mine.  It didn't make me feel any better but it got me to stop complaining.  Of course that wasn't the only time in life where something like that has come up.  I always tell myself something similar with pretty much the same results.  I at least stop complaining about it, but I don't feel any better about it.  I guess some people would be falling all over themselves to have people imitating them.  It makes me feel uneasy though.  Perhaps I feel if it doesn't work out for them like it has for me, they will blame me.  Which is where I am today. 

I give out lots of tips and hints for parenting, homeschooling, birth, breastfeeding, etc.  That doesn't mean I think you should run right out and implement them in your own lives.  If you think it will work for you and your family, please go ahead and use my ideas.  But don't do it because you feel guilty, because you think I must have it altogether and should be listened to, or because you wanna be like me (OMG please don't do it for that lol). I have noticed, in reading other blogs and books, that a lot of parenting advice is driven home with a pound of guilt.  I can just hear the author with a valley girl tone saying, "This is how I do it and why.  If you don't do it like me you are just stupid and not worthy of my time."  That is not me!  If I have ever come across that way I sincerely apologize. 

If you think some tips I give about eating healthy are good ideas, go ahead and use them.  Or if you think some homeschooling tips might help in your homeschooling adventure, by all means try it!  If you have tried everything you know to cope with morning sickness and are willing to try anything including my crazy ideas, please please do.  But don't do it because I have inadvertently made you feel guilty, or because you think I have my life and this parenting thing all figured out.  Cause I don't.  And don't do it because you want to be like me.  God thought one was enough of me, and He knows a lot so we should listen to that. 

However, one thing you should definitely do is click on all my links.  Just kidding. Unless you feel the need, of course. 

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