Friday, February 11, 2011

32 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Not the best week to update you when I look like Rudolph because I have a cold.  Aside from a cold I am very healthy; blood pressure is great, not measuring too ridiculously ahead, baby is head down and my pulse is even nice and normal. 

I did something baby related last week.  I went though the newborn diapers and got it down to a reasonable level.  I don't think any  baby needs 5 dozen diapers. Other than that I won't be doing anything else baby related for at least another month.

The birth center saga continues.  We are waiting on word how much it will cost us.  We got a letter in the mail but with no monetary amount.  So I have no idea what we will have to pay out.  On top of that we really don't like the OB that works there.  We will be seeing her for our next appt and probably decide then what to do.  Its sad that we have fought this hard to get to birth there just to be rethinking the whole idea!  The dh and I have always been on the same page on where to have our babies.  It has never wavered.  There was never any doubt, since before we conceived our first, that we would have our babies at home.  This time was different.  We both knew that it wasn't the right place.  We thought we found it with the birth center but that now seems wrong too.  The morning after our last appointment dh said he felt uneasy there.  I told him I had felt the same way, like it was wrong.  We are in agreement again, but only in that the birth center feels wrong.  We don't have much options at this point. We just don't know what to do and feel like we are gonna have to take what is available to us rather than what we really want. Any thoughts on the matter, even just well wishes, are greatly appreciated.

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