Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just when you think you have seen it all

The kids never cease to amaze me, both with their genius and their stupidity.  I do have a bunch of boys after all and they seem to lack certain reasoning skills.  Such that they think its a great idea to ride on a bike in a circle while someone hits baseballs at you.  Sure, no one is gonna get hurt doing that. 

But the real kicker was walking into the kitchen to find someone had tried to "fix" a broken tile.  This tile has been missing a part since we moved in.  Leaving a hole, I swear, to the earth below with no concrete between.  I swear, because it traps so  much dirt it looks like the ground.  Anyway, someone thoughtfully tried to correct the problem for me.  Yea, by filling it with ketchup.  In case you wanted to try this for yourself, it didn't work. 

No one fessed up to it, but my bet is on the 3 or 5 yr old.  At least I hope thats who did it.  After watching my 8 and 10 year old play "Bike and Ball" I have some doubts. 

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  1. The bike/baseball thing reminds me of a story Tim Hawkins (comediam) tells. I will remember that ketchup doesn't work for repairing tile. Thanks for the "heads up". ;)