Friday, January 28, 2011

Why we lose things

Because God says, "Woman, you need to look see what your children are up to!"  Kinda like we spill things because God things we need to mop.  Yea, its like that, except its stuff our children have hidden because either they don't want to get into trouble or because they want to get into trouble.  Thats the only reasonable conclusion I can come to when I find stuff like dirty clothes, books and games shoved under a dresser in an attempt to clean their bedroom.

You see, we lost a pair of glasses.  They aren't in any of the usual places like under a bed or with the dirty clothes.  Its been 5 days and we are getting desperate, time to tear the place apart.  I found a block in the towel cabinet and a toy gun sandwiched between the wall and our 6 year olds bed.  I found the top of a sippy cup stuck to the floor of my office behind the treadmill.   I went so far as to clean out the cupboards in the kitchen.  No, I am not making excuses for nesting.  I'm not, I'm not.  But I did find the back to our old Video Now in there.  I found 5 pencils in our sofa cushions.  Its no wonder the kids always complain they have nothing to write with.  I can't imagine where they think they are going when they are sitting there on the sofa writing and their pencil suddenly disappears. 

Yet, I have not found the glasses.  I am afraid they might have gotten thrown away..AGAIN.  My toddlers love to help clean and my current toddler thinks everything should be thrown away once used.  Such as towels, cups and plates.  I guess when I say "Take care of this" I should be more specific.  

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