Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year

And it look a lot like the last one so far.  We expect great things to happen in a new year.  I am not sure why.  Its not as if people suddenly change on January 1st.  I was being realistic that life would continue on more or less the same as it was before but it still saddened me when that actually happened. 

The first day back to work for the dh after his vacation and he couldn't start his car.  He was sure it was the battery so when he came home he went to get a new one.  After working on his car awhile he came to me and said that they must have given him the wrong one because it wasn't working.  I asked him if he had it in backwards.  He was sure he didn't but he would double check.  Sure enough he had it in backwards.  If you don't know what happens when you put in a battery backwards I don't recommend you try it.  Especially on a Mazda.  It blows the main fuse.  I knew this because he had done it once before.  In a Mazda no less.  Mazdas have 2 bolts under the fuse box that is incredibly difficult to get off.  So he spent the whole evening doing that and then had to wait till today to get a new fuse, so he drove the van again.  Not only can I not go anywhere but its costly to drive back and forth from work.  So lets all hope that when he gets home tonight to put his car back together that all it needed was a new battery (and a new fuse now) and will once again be driveable. 

Meanwhile school has resumed and the children are not in their best spirits.  Something about the holidays makes them happy and pleasant.  Something about school makes them....ehhh not so pleasant.  Moments after discussing with my 8 year old why he could not have Ritz with Milk in a bowl (ewww) I come out to the kitchen to find this:

A bowl of peanut butter.  Apparently this is what passes for a snack to a 6 year old.  I could see if he was dipping fruit or veggies in it, but to eat it straight?  Ack.  What is wrong with my kids that they want to eat these things for a snack?  Ritz with Milk?  Peanut Butter in a Bowl?  Why?

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