Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Lack of Christmas Photos

This year we won't be sending on pictures in our Christmas cards.  I tried, I really tried but it just was not happening this year.  If the kids weren't the problem the lighting was, or my phone had to suffice and that just does not take pictures well.  I seriously considered photo shopping a couple of pics together but to me thats like lying.  Thats not MY family.  Everyone would know I had done something, drugged them or manipulated the pictures. 

On this one the lightening is so bad you can't see their beautiful faces.  Of course you can still see my 3 yr old sticking out his tongue. 

So I thought I would use this one, but again my 3 yr old can't be seen because hes too busy sticking his arm in Spongebobs mouth.  And my 6 yr old can't be seen at all because he is tickling Spongebobs armpit. 

So I figured we would go to Cabellas to see Santa and get a nice picture there.  Yea, I should know better.

Aside from the fact the baby is screaming the paint came off my oldests face when I put the picture in the card.  I took another  myself but you can't see all the kids. 

You can't even see my 6 yr old in there.  Next time I am doing individual pictures and making up a collage.  Wish I had thought of that 2 weeks ago. 

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