Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christians and Christmas

Every year I get to be reminded from Christians how pagan and commercialized Christmas is.  You know that tree is down right evil right?  You'd expect I would hear this from atheists and other non religious folk but no, its always the Christians.  You'd think there would be enough evil in this world for them to worry about, that they could pick something at little bit more threatening.

Anyhow, This year it took a bit of a funny turn.  Instead of me doing the debating it was my oldest daughter and her friend.  This was not about trying to convince the friend how Christmas is not pagan or how Christmas is not evil but that everything can be pagan and evil if you let it be.  That everything is about what YOU make it into and not what it is or was meant to be or who does it or doesn't do it. 

I was impressed by her and she taught me some things.  It wasn't about making her friend agree with her, it was about her friend being able to see her viewpoint.  Not sure if she succeeded, but at least she can feel confident that instead of repeating what shes heard she was able to formulate her own opinions and points of discussion. 

I am a little jealous that it wasn't me who came up with her view point, that in all my years I hadn't thought of the things she thought of.  But I am too proud of her, for being able to think on her feet and not need her mommy and not just repeating everything shes heard.    

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