Friday, December 10, 2010

Because I am a hormonal mess

Being pregnant is great.  You get to be hormonal about things that normal people would never get upset about.  Innocent comments, a 3 year old who destroys a box of tissues trying to blow his nose, stupid vents in bedrooms.  The last one has got me particularly peeved.  We have a vent above the door in our bedroom, why I have no clue.  I have heard its for "ventilation", I would assume so given its name.  But WHY is it there? There are 4 other rooms in the house and none of them have a vent above the door. 

The problem I have with the vent is not that its just there, its that it lets in light and noise.  Its basically a window to the hall way.  Of all the rooms where we need peace and quiet, some builder stuck a vent.  We have a window in our room, we have an air conditioner vent, we have double doors.  We really don't need a vent to the hallway thank-you very much. 

This has come to a head recently as a hormonal pregnant lady is trying to get some sleep and what keeps me up?  Light coming through this vent.  When my kids go to the bathroom at night and flip on the hallway switch, the light, which is right in line with the vent, streams right through and wakes me up.  Waking up a pregnant lady is never a good idea.  Especially one who has to pee the second she wakes up.  So I get up and go pee and then try to get back to sleep.  I toss and turn, trying to find a comfy spot.  Not easy when you have severe SPD and a growing belly.  After a while I hear the other bathroom door shut and footsteps back to bed.  However the light does not go off.  I now have to get back out of bed to turn off the light and again find my comfy spot.  I could not care less if that light stayed on all night if I didn't have to see it, but no, it has to shine right on me. 

And then there is nap time.  Which is so fun when you have a window right out to a hallway that is shared with 2 bedrooms full of boys.  Heaven forbid any of them want to play in their rooms during nap time.  I can hear everything through that vent.  Which means a certain toddler wakes up and is grumpy the rest of the day. 

But did it bother me 4 months ago?  Nope.  But right now I think it was the stupidest design idea right behind the faux drawer in the bathroom (which has no reason to be there except that some builder was very cheap).  I am *this* close to buying one of those magnetic vent covers so I can get a night sleep in peace.  And do you think a normal human being could get away with an entire blog post complaining about a vent?  No?  See, its great being a hormonal pregnant lady. 

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