Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Which one is Eugene?

We are really tired over here.  We have a house full of sick kids, the dh's work is stressful and of course that little thing hanging over everything: A baby waiting to be born all tends to lend itself to sleepless nights.  Yesterday it hit a fevered pitch.  I had about an hours sleep the night before, I don't think dh got any.  Meanwhile kids are falling asleep on sofas left and right, literally.  I joked that the dh must have some sort of sleep pheromone because every time a kid came near him they would fall asleep.  How I wished I could just sit down and fall asleep. 

Then last night, after prenatal appts and a passover sedar, and dh putting in 10 hours of work we were finally headed home and to bed.  2 of the kids fell asleep in the van, the rest were quiet so I knew they weren't far behind. I asked dh a question but instead of answering me he said, "I think I am falling asleep.  I was just trying to figure out how I was gonna carry you up the stairs."  Yea, I would like to see that one, considering he only out weighs me by about 20 pounds.  And I don't think that 20 pounds of extra muscle is quite gonna cut it for carrying me up the stairs. 

Once home, not even 5 minutes after our conversation, everyone was in bed in record time.  The house was totally quiet by 9:30, everyone was asleep.  And finally so were we.  Around 1 am I could hear our 4 year old coughing and crying.  So I woke the dh to go take care of him.  I would have but it would have taken me more time to just sit up in bed as it would have for dh to go see him and come back.  But poor dh was so out of it.  His response?  "Oh ok.  Which one is Eugene?"  Yea, Eugene.  We have so many kids we don't know which one is which now. 

This am, after I woke up coughing, I told dh I thought he was funny last night . He didn't remember a thing though. 

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