Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spilled Water

I have been trying to come up with a good analogy to having been hugely pregnant 9 times.  Not just pregnant but really pregnant.  Beyond what normal pregnancy is.  8 times I have gone post dates.  Thats beyond 42 weeks.  8 times.  In a row.  I know lots of women with as many or more kids as me and not 1 has that kind of track record.  Someone could do a paper on me.  I could be a great science experiment.  Its not a distinction I enjoy though.  I loath it.  With every fiber of my being.

First, let me dispense with the misconceptions.  No, It does not get easier every time I do it.  It gets harder.  No, they don't just fall out.  I wish. Today I am 3 days from my due date, guess whose not holding their breath for an on time baby?

Now, I finally came up with a good analogy parents can understand.  Being this far along each time is kinda like when your child spills something on the floor.  Sometimes its not such a big deal, you just figure God wanted you to mop.  Other times its when the child spills an entire 2 liter of strawberry soda on the floor 10 minutes before guests are supposed to be coming over for a party and you were up all night the night before and already had a massive headache.  Then there are the in between times when its is certainly inconvenient and a lot of work but not the end of the world.  Are all your pregnancies the same?  Mine aren't.  I have had some that were easy sailing, where 42 weeks didn't seem to be that big of a deal.  Then there are other times where I was beyond done at 36 weeks.  And I don't mean I was impatient.  I was in severe pain and ill.  That everyday seemed like an eternity, where life all around was awful and distressing and I could barely function let alone deal with things like deaths, refinancing, moving, illnesses, etc.

This time its more of an in between pregnancy.  I am not miserable, yet at least.  But its not been easy either.  I think God wants me to be nocturnal.  Between the night sweats and the acid reflux I can't sleep at night.  During the day, sure no problem.  But I have these things, called kids, that don't seem to do well without a mother present much of the day.  

But there is one thing I really do enjoy about going late every time.  When I talk to a stranger and they inevitable ask when I am due and I get to say Last week or 2 weeks ago their eyes get big like saucers and they take 2 steps back.  Everytime.  Like I am about to drop the baby on the floor right there.  Then I get to laugh at them and walk away.  Yea...thats fun.  Almost as fun as when they ask if this is my 1st! 

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