Saturday, May 5, 2012

And I wonder where my kids get it from

We are all full of laughs here.  Yesterday when my mom came over to pick up my niece, who I was watching but she realized she couldn't because she had no car seat!  So we did the next best thing -  left the kids with the dh and went for 1/2 price fraps at Starbucks.  As we were getting into the car my grandfather called and she talked to him all the way to Starbucks.  It must have thrown off her concentration cause when she got there she was ordering herself an Amiercano instead of the Frap she wanted.  She realized AFTER they made it.  So she had them put it IN a frap.  And its Frappy Hour so the place is packed, and its making quite the scene.  Finally she gets her drink, its awful (duh) and I tell her I have to go to Target for deodorant.  We do our "shopping" - they had no deodorant - and go home.

But my mom is starving now so she wanted to get a Fallupa from Taco Bell.  I said, "You mean a challupa?"  She looked at me funny as if to say, "What a stupid name."  In this particular parking lot Taco Bell and Jack in the Box are right next to each other. I should have seen this coming a mile away, but she pulls up to the speaker and asks, "Do you have Chicken Tacos here?"  I about died..."Ma, this is Jack in the Box."  She responds, "Uh oh."  So now I am laughing hysterically because this is NOT the first time she has done this.  The guy taking the order must have thought we were drunk.  She decided on a chicken sandwich and asked him "Its not made with that Slime stuff is it?"  He says, "Slime?" So my mom wants to clarify, "Its real chicken?"  The guy asks, "You want grilled chicken?"  You can imagine I am dying at this point.  My mom had enough and just said YES and drove up to get the order.  I couldn't even look at the guy.

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