Monday, May 7, 2012

Homeschool Round Up

Its been a while since I posted free homeschool stuff so I thought I would give you a list of all the awesome stuff I have found lately.

By far my favorite site has to be  They have the most wonderful free worksheets that you can print out.  There is enough Music worksheets to fill out an entire semester - instruments and composers alike.

In the same vein is  Their science worksheets have been a huge help for reviewing body parts before a test.

I haven't downloaded any yet so I can't attest to the quality but Books Should be Free has a whole section of free audio books for kids that include Swiss Family Robinson,  Tom Sawyer and other classics.

Lapbooks are all the rage, make yourself some - about just about everything!  Be warned, there are A LOT of pages to print out. has lots of resources, check out the other stuff too.

Coloring isn't just for fun.  Kids learn and don't even know it.  Check out the beautiful Alphabet coloring pages at Daily Coloring Pages.  These would be great to hang on the wall when you are done.

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