Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Craft - Old Fashioned Turkey

We only had 7 pieces of construction paper to do a craft today.  Seems someone forgot to buy some.  *cough*

So we had to improvise a little.  We were going to do a more colorful version that my 2nd son picked.  But we settled for just tracing hands on construction paper, cutting them out and taping them on a picture they drew.  Suggestion: make a couple of samples for the kids to get ideas from.  Also, rolling tape and adhering the turkey to the picture that way makes the turkey pop and looks neat that way.

 They can make more feathers if they want a fuller turkey.  Or add scraps of construction paper between the fingers.
 We had a lot of farm scenes.  My oldest had a cornucopia, one of my sons had a snowy scene.  You can draw a thanksgiving table or woods.  Whatever your little heart desires.  An oven would be funny.

 Cutting skills is hard to learn.

 My oldest's and my 7 year olds.

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