Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Whats on your Nightstand or Book Reviews November 2011

Once again joining 5 Minutes for Books for this month's Whats on your Nightstand.

This last month I read Laura Bush's book: Spoken from the Heart and Adventurous Women by Penny Colman.

Spoken from the Heart was great to read after I had read George Bush's book Decision Points.  Its like a his and hers commentary of the 8 years in the white house and some of their time before the presidency.  If there is ever any doubt men and women are different just read these two books for the perfect example.  Her book is an inside view of things that go on at the White House that you never hear about.  The cost, the intense schedule, how little time the first couple actually get to spend together despite "working from home" together every day.  She chronicled her time spent working with charities and how she chose the decorations every Christmas.  It was so enjoyable and warm.  Aptly named, her book truly is Spoken from the Heart.

Adventurous Women is a great book for pre-teen and teen girls.  The book showcases 8 women who not merely were adventurous because they were women in a mans world, but they did things even men didn't do. From exploring the arctic to changing laws on citizenship. Its a short book and not too in depth, just enough to give an overview and peek your interest.  I am going to write up a unit study on it for my girls to do, when its complete I will post the PDFs.

I have already started on The Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw and if I can fit it in with all the holidays, Onward by Howard Shultz.  I have about 10 books sitting here though so I might change my mind. Like that ever happens.  I have a cute little book about Leonardo da Vinci I picked up for the kids for school.  Its a translation of an Italian book about his paintings.  I was hoping to wait till next summer to read it but its just so cute I might have to do it after Tom Brokaw's book.

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