Friday, November 4, 2011

Book Review - All Creatures Great and Small

My oldest daughter read All Creatures Great and Small by James Harriet and wrote a wonderful little review on it.

All Creatures Great and Small was a unique book that showed the life of a young man making a hard living was still content with what he had. It helps us understand the value of any life, and to value our own, no matter what we do.
     Despite his hard job in the unknown countryside of the Yorkshire Dales, James Herriot was a determined young vet who put up with everyone he met, no matter their attitude. We should learn from him, looking ahead at dangers or rewards, and always try to do the best you can even if it isn't the best outcome.
     The book itself was special; it brought us to many different areas and times, helping us learn and letting us see how good we have it today. It didn't follow a single line, but let us see his memories in parts.
     We see that Herriot teaches us to respect, be content, always try, and value all life, whether great or small.

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