Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Craft - Crayola Color Explosion

This weeks craft was out of a box.  I know, the shame of it.  It was $3.50 on sale and I had a 30% off coupon.  So for 8 kids (I had to buy 2 of course) it was $4.90.  Pretty decent price right?  Wrong.  There was a reason these were on sale.

The pros: It was easy to do even for little kids.  All prepackaged ready to go. Cheap.

The Cons: Smells horrid. Stains terribly.

It has a ton of warnings on it about the staining.  Don't let it touch anything.  And why oh why if they knew it would bleed did they give us paper that it could bleed through?  It even says not to let finished product touch just about EVERYTHING.  So what the heck are we supposed to do with it once done?  I hung mine up anyway figuring we can throw them out tomorrow.

It does not however have warnings about how badly these things smell.  And it doesn't go away when it dries.  I have such a headache.  My 9 year old won't go anywhere near them.

Aren't you glad I bought these before you did?  Awful things.  Do not recommend.

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