Monday, October 3, 2011

Finally Back to Normal

The 2nd week of September a cold started to go through our house.  While the dh is still coughing everyone else seems to have mended for the most part.  I am finally all caught up.  Caught up just in time for my dishwasher to get clogged today and I have no idea how to unclog it.

While I was sick I made sure I complained a lot.  When I couldn't talk because I had laryngitis I texted and imed everyone to tell them how awful it was.  I told everyone how annoying my sore throat was and how awful my cough was.  I told them my sinuses hurt, especially when I blew my nose.  Yesterday, the dh told me every little symptom I had he is now experiencing.  See, this is why its important to complain when you are sick.  Its a public service so everyone knows what to expect.

I think everyone should complain, its just thoughtful.

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