Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Craft: Mosaic Pumpkin

My oldest came up with this craft, and I should have taken pictures because I don't have a link for you to follow today.

She used 8 pieces of paper and drew a giant pumpkin and raven on it. Just the outline in black marker.  You can do whatever you like but the point is that its one big thing split into smaller pieces.  We used 8 pieces of paper for the 8 kids who would color but if you have 4 kids do 4 pieces of paper or 20 kids do 20 pieces of paper.

Next you need to number each section and assign a color to each number. That way the kids know what color to make that section.  She wrote the number/color combinations on the white board.

Once everyone has colored their sheets you need to tape it altogether for the big reveal.  What will it be?  The kids got so excited since they had no idea what they were coloring.

My 9 year old said this has been his favorite craft.

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