Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Autumn Craft

To celebrate the cooling temperature (we are below 100!) we made an autumn craft today.  I saw something similar on All Kids Network .  But I don't have enough scissors for the kids to use, that never turns out well.  So instead I cut everything out ahead of time and the kids could pick and choose what to put on their picture. My daughter made some witches on brooms and some black cats as well.  You can cut out some black ovals for hollows of a tree.  The leaves can be all wiggly or triangles, they don't have to look like leaves but if you are really patient and want to cut out leaves you can do that too.  

 Next, have the kids all glue their pieces onto a blue paper.  What I do is put 2 plates at either end of the table, pour some glue in the middle and let them use tooth picks to put the glue on their papers.

 Make sure they put their name on it.  My Ewan here spelled his name Wean!  Hes 4, what can I say? My 6 year old went through a time when he refused to cross his "A".

Its amazing how each childs came out so differently even though they all used the same parts.

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