Sunday, October 23, 2011

Why I Make My Kids Change Diapers

So when they become parents they actually know how to change a diaper.  I know, its such a stretch.  Teaching a kid to do something so when they become an adult they know how to do it.  Thats like school or something.  And you know what else I teach them?  How to cook, and do laundry and clean and exercise and eat healthy.  Its a very simple program, its called chores.  Amazing right?!

To be fair, I do not MAKE my kids change diapers.  They can do it if they want to but they HAVE to learn how.  And for the most part I do the cooking but my kids help.

What are parents for if not to raise children who can be productive members of society?  To give back instead of take.  To care of themselves and others.  What are parents for if not to keep them healthy and safe?  So they will live long healthy lives with which to serve others. When my children leave the home I want to look at them and see that all the work I did was good.

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