Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sacrifice or Responsibility

When we were struggling financially we had to cut back on everything.  That meant any luxury had to go: cable/satellite, home phones, eating out, etc.  It felt like such a sacrifice.  Like we were missing out.

When we were able to afford those things again we indulged.  To be sure we don't need any of those things.  Life was fine with out it, except in our mind we weren't enjoying ourselves as much.

So why is it that we decided to do without again?  Because even though we can afford it, we don't need those things.  The best way to keep your money is not to spend it to begin with.  Not to mention there are few things worthwhile on tv, eating out isn't that good for you and I don't even talk on the phone so having 2 is worthless.

A surprising thing happened when we got rid of stuff again.  I didn't miss it.  I didn't feel like I was missing out.  The extra money in our bank account is nice too.  Instead, I feel responsible.  I did the right thing.  And some other benefits: you can buy or watch your shows for free online minus all the commercials.  Especially all those commercials which kids probably shouldn't see.  No more sales calls at all hours disturbing sleeping kids or school.  In the pursuit of food as good as a restaurants, I have become a better cook.  A skill I can then  teach my children.  And in all things we have gained more time.  Time is valuable you know.

Yup, I feel responsible. I feel good that I made a good decision.

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