Sunday, October 16, 2011

Atmosphere for Learning

My home is less of a showpiece and more of a classroom.  My decorations consist of maps and posters of the alphabet.  My dining area is where we do our school. Its also the main room we host parties in.  I felt a little bad that its not very formal.  I don't know how guests feel when they come over and eat while staring at a multiplication table.  Its probably not the most relaxing environment, most likely reminding them of their own school days.  But isn't that the point of homeschooling?  That learning happens everyday, in every place.  We never stop learning.  6 Things Every Smart Home Needs was an article in USA Weekend today, talking about just this thing.

I was happy to see, based on that list, we are 6 for 6.  Some of my kids favorite toys are dominoes, our walls are plastered with maps (not to mention the quizzing globe), and our entire living room is designed to allow for a quiet reading space.  We have no TV in our living room, with plenty of seating (not necessarily NICE seating but its a place to plop your butt) and a nice ottoman where numerous kids can put up their feet.  Also the only toys allowed in there are baby toys.  And do they ever take advantage of the area.  It has become the go to place for not just myself but my kids as well.  You are almost always certain to find someone in there reading.

So while guests might not get why my home isn't like theirs, I feel confident knowing I am providing the best atmosphere for my kids to learn. And learn all the time, not just at school time.  (if you don't want your pics to look like mine, don't let your baby slobber on your phone...just a suggestion)

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