Monday, October 31, 2011

Fort Verde, Arizona

Last week we visited Fort Verde, an Arizona State Park.  Its about a 90 minute drive from the Phoenix area.

There is the main museum where you pay admission.  There is a video in the last room and artifacts from the Fort throughout.  Of course my kids, being the boys they are, they loved the guns.  I wanted to stop and read all the biographies of the people who had served there but my kids kept pulling me away to see this gun or that gun. You also get stuff for the kids to do.  A type of scavenger hunt and when you have found all the answers you get a pin.  

There are also 2 buildings you can walk through.  Be prepared for some steep steps!  I wonder if they used baby gates back then.  It was very educational for the kids.  The last time I went I was 16 or 17.  So it was neat to see this from a mothers perspective this time. There were a few things only a mom of many would appreciate.  For one their tiny kitchens.  There were no cabinets.  They stored all their pots and pans at the stove.  Each size pan sitting neatly in a larger one.  The creaky boards used as flooring, would be great today to listen for sneaking kids.  Those made a lot of noise as my troop tramped over them.

Overall, we really enjoyed ourselves and hope to go back for some other activities like their ornament making class in December.

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