Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday is Craft Day

We are trying to be consistent with our Arts and Crafts this year.  Every Monday is craft day and this year I am letting the kids be responsible for one craft a month.  They pick it, assemble the parts and teach it to the other kids.  I figure that way at least once a month they get to do a craft they want to do.

Today we made Pumpkins.

Its actually a great craft if you have a big family, because there is always an abundance of toilet paper rolls around.

Unlike last weeks craft this one involves tape.  Which is less fun but also less messy.  It also means you either need to have enough rolls of tape for everyone or you need to take turns or you need to give everyone enough tape for theirs.

You can string these together and hang them in a window or out front as decorations.

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