Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Craft - Puzzles

You can buy blank puzzles for your kids to make, but I prefer not to spend the money.  It also gives you kids a chance to practice their scissor skills.  You need blank paper or poster board.  Construction paper will also work.  Draw your puzzle shapes on one side. 

 You can get creative or go traditional.  Kids can do their own but be sure to supervise so they aren't making pieces that have no way of being cut out.

 Like this one here.  He did cut it out but it was rather hard to fold up and store afterward.  When the pieces are done, flip it over to make a picture.  Here is my 2 year olds.
 Once the design is done just cut the pieces out.  He didn't seem the least bit upset his picture was cut up.
 Here is my 11 years old put back together.  The kids had a fun time challenging each other.
 Store in plastic baggies or small boxes.

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