Monday, December 26, 2011

Book Review: December 2011

With all the holiday stuff I only got to read 1 book this month.  I might make up for it this week though, I started on Bill Cosby's book: I Didn't Ask to be Born, today and am already half way through.  Its hilarious.

The one book I did read this month was Tom Brokaw's The Greatest Generation. About the generation who produced the baby boomers, the men and women who fought during WW2 and created the America we know today.  It isn't overly syrupy in its reverence for that generation, but it is a good read and nicely broken up into segments.  I love those types of books because if I have to leave it for awhile I can come back and not have to remember what was going on.  It was a best seller when it was written.  I would love to read another book like it, but written now post 9/11.  I see my own grandparents in this book, part of the greatest generation.  I see where Brokaw got his revere from.  Those that see the hard work, the drive, the spirit of those who lived the Great Depression and survived the War, see the greatness.

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