Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday Craft - Wreaths

Today I wanted to do Japanese Woodblocking but I didn't prepare enough.  So I thought I would try something easy.  I should have gone with the Japanese craft.

I got my craft from All Kids Network again.  For this I suggest you start at least a day ahead of time.  It takes about an hour to cut everything out if you have a bunch of kids.  I needed like 16 pieces of green paper and a ton of glue...a TON.  You will need way more than you think you do.  You need to stick the leaves to the plate and then to each other because they overlap.  Or they will fall off.  I suggest something better than Elmers.  Also, have the kids write their names before they start work on it.  Esp if you are doing this with a homeschool group with lots of kids.  I also suggest putting down newspaper because of the amount of glue you need to use.

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