Friday, March 23, 2012

Casa Grande - The Big/Grand House

We had this plan: Go see as many of the State Parks as we can so the kids can collect the badges.  And we all know what happens when you are busy making plans.  Life happened.  After planning for almost 3 months we were finally able to go.

It was a bit odd, being out in the middle of the desert and seeing this Giant home looming in the distance.  Had this been hundreds of years ago when there was nothing else around, I can imagine seeing that come up on the horizon would have struck some fear in me.  And back then it was a compound with a 7 foot high wall around it.  Yea, definitely would have had some respect for the occupants.

If you go: I don't recommend the guided tour.  Sure, lots of great info, but nothing that can't be gotten by some reading.  And frankly the tour guide was boring.  And if I am bored it was really bad.

I can see why they have signs up saying  not to feed the squirrels because these things were tame.  They tried to get into my stroller.  And I didn't even have food! If you haven't been to the dessert southwest by the way, the squirrels here do not look like squirrels.  They look more like Prairie dogs, just teeny.

Before you go visit the website and print out all the handy worksheets (the student exploration booklet is very good) they have for kids.  Build the model out of paper.

We had fun, and its a short trip.  Was not crowded and there was plenty of picnic tables for lunch.  But do remember it is the desert and after between the months of April and October its gonna be really hot.

Now, onto our pictures.

One of the smaller structures off to the side. 

Looking at the Visitors Center from the Big House. 

The Big House. 

Looking in through the door

Walking towards the smaller structure. 

Kids and the Big House....they are trying to hold it up. 

A wittle bitty door. 

Front door stright through to the back door.  Peak  A Boo I see you!

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