Thursday, March 8, 2012

Momma's Ransom Box

Pinterest has once again given me more ideas (I have a feeling my kids are going to grow to hate Pinterest) to help my family function better.  If you haven't seen this or have one yourself, this is a Ransom Box.
 Yea, I know.  Its beautiful.  I used what I had! Stop judging me!  Maybe you will like it more when you see what it started out as:
2 boxes.  The corn oil one had open sides and top.  So I cut that off and I cut off the tabs of the diaper box.  Now the oil box bottom fit perfectly on the diaper box to make a removable top.
I covered it in construction paper and tape.  Then on the lid I taped 2 envelops.  One that read "Take One" and the other that read "Return".

When I find an item left out I place in the box.  When the child discovers they can't find the item they inevitably ask me.  I tell them its in the Ransom Box.  HAHAHAH! My evil laugh.  Now, in order to retrieve said item they have to take a task out of the "Take One" envelope.

Once the task is complete they may have their item.  They also put their task in the "Return" Envelope so that its taken out of circulation till all the tasks are used up and then the pile is moved over to the other envelope.

You definetly need one of these.  Go make one. Right. NOW.  You can thank me later.

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