Monday, March 19, 2012

Renoir Fans - Monday Craft

Today we learned about Renoir.  In the spirit of his decorative fans we made some for ourselves.  This craft comes from Classic to Contemporary.  This is a great book to have for homeschoolers.  Remember to give some back ground on Renoir and the type of work he did.

For this project you need paper and crayons or colored pencils.  For older children you can use paint and thicker stock paper.  You can also buy blank hand fans to paint, which might be a good idea if you are doing this with a large group.  It takes some time to fold the fans properly.  So either do it before hand or leave enough time for this part.

Start by folding your fans.  That's the forward, backward folding so you are making it into an accordion.  Once you have folded them, unfold them.  I know, all that work.  But what you want is a piece of paper with the lines on it so you can incorporate them into your picture.

What your kids put on the fan is up to them.  My kids alternated colors, went lighter to darker, wrote their names on it.  There are a lot of examples online if you need to give them some ideas.

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