Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April Book Review

Again, I only had time to finish 1 book by the time of this review: Onward by Howard Shultz. I am joining 5 minutes for Books for this months: Whats on your Nightstand. 

This was a decent book.  The authors gave a good history of Starbucks and the toils that it went through when the economy tanked.  Shultz gave the steps he took to turn his company around, including the ones the patrons would never see: cost cutting, streamlining, and charity work.  I thought it read like a review to a board of investors at times.  But you could tell the company was Shultz's heart and soul.  And it made me want coffee all the time.  Imagining all the smells and tastes described.  I read the book because I loved Starbucks, and in the end I gained a great deal of respect for it as well.

Next month I should be done with American on Purpose at the very least (I should finish it this week).  I can't decide what I want to read next, I have so many since I got behind this year.  Should be a varied lot next month.


  1. Not being a huge Starbucks fan myself (okay, not really a coffee fan in general), I don't know that this book would interest me too much.

    American on Purpose, on the other hand? That sounds like something I might enjoy.

  2. American on Purpose was hilarious. Of course if you don't know Craig Fergusen's style you might be a bit taken aback by his language. I loved it, a keeper.