Monday, April 9, 2012

Parts of a Flower Craft

Sometimes you need hands on learning.  Its hard to remember names and labels just from a picture.  You have to experience it to remember it.  I came up with this craft for my daughter so she could remember the parts of a flower.  All you will need is an egg carton, a bendy neck straw, scissors and some paint.  This craft will actually make 6 flowers for a dozen container and 9 for an 18 count container.  So this is a good craft if you are doing a coop or have a class.  Its cheap and easy.

Cut out the cups for the eggs.  Straight across so you are left with a free standing cup.  Cut the corners in triangles so you have the petals.  In the bottom pierce a hole with a pen or other instrument.

With the second cup you are gonna cut out 2 sides of the cup and on the leftover sides cut strips.  These are your Anthers. Again punch a hole in the bottom.

With the left over carton from the 2nd cup cut a straight piece in the shape of the Pistil.

Push the straw through both cups, one inside the other.  Cut the end of the straw about 1/4 inch above the bends.  Then cut notches in opposite sides of the straw to stand the Pistil in.

Paint the whole thing once you have it together.  You can paint the Sepals on the bottom, paint the straw green, paint the petals whatever color you have available. Paint the Ovary.

Label the parts with a fine tipped marker.  This craft can be used in conjunction with the lesson and activities found at Tomato Sphere where you can print out concentration games and diagrams.  You can also check out My Little Vegetable Garden for some beautiful pictures of flowers and definitions of all the parts and a labeled diagram at the bottom.

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