Monday, October 29, 2012

Autumn Fingerprint Craft

We are having a busy day and so I had to find a quick craft for the kids.  This turned out WAY more involved when my baby decided he would finger paint too.  There I was standing with paint on my fingers when my 3 year old told me to go see what the baby had done.

Don't worry, its shampoo.  Smelled WAY worse than paint though.  Whenever these things happen I figure God was just telling me I needed to mop.

Back to the craft.  I buy large paints in primary colors and let the kids mix the colors to get the ones they need.  Which is great for this craft.  A little bit of Red, Yellow and Blue and you have your basic Autumn colors.

You can print the tree here or make your own tree.  Which would be a good idea if you have an older child who likes to draw.  You could even make it a bigger picture with lots of trees and have the kids finger print on one sheet instead of their own.  Or perhaps the tree has already lost all its leaves, put the leaves on the ground instead of on the tree.  Or maybe there is a wind blowing the leaves away.  You can create a whole scene with one kid doing a scene with all the leaves on the tree, another with the leaves blowing away and one with all the leaves on the ground. 

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