Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Belated Monday Craft: Georges Seurat

Late again because of sick kids.  Today we are creating art via Stippling. For the younger kids I gave them some coloring pages (which you can print out or create your own with some black markers if you don't have any coloring books around) and the older ones I have free reign to.  We talked about Georges Seurat and gave the older kids some handouts to read.  Be sure to click on the links so you can print out your own hand outs.  If you have a bunch of kids I suggest just pouring some acrylic paints onto a paper plate so they aren't fighting over the jars.  Be sure to have enough pencils or qtips for everyone.  When you do this, you need very little paint on your eraser each time.  So if you are pouring some out even the smallest amount will get you a lot of painting.

These guys are all doing free form.  Whatever their little heart desires.

This one was done by one of my little guys using a  coloring page.

One of the finished products.

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