Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wished I could have blamed the kids

Mission: Retrieve Helmet
The other day I knocked a GI Joe helmet down my dryers lint trap.  It all happened in slow motion.  I cleaned the screen and when I went to replace it I knocked the helmet which went sliding right down the chute.  I looked down there and couldn't see it.  I tried to grab it with the wire hanger that I straightened (seen at top of picture). Which did not work.  As with all questions we don't know the answer to - to Google I went.  Which of course had the answer.  If you have thought it, its on Google.  I had already filled the dryer with wet clothes, of course.  And I couldn't move it so I had to wait for dh to come home.  But we did get back GI Joes helmet.

In case you need it, this is how you get stuff out of a lint trap.  And if you have kids, you will probably need it.   I wished I could have blamed the kids, but lying is wrong.

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