Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Daddies can be Smart too

Yesterday on the way home from work we popped a tire.  And by 'we' I mean the dh of course.  He popped a tire.  He wasn't very quick to share how it happened, and with good reason.  He ran into the curb.  That pops tires you know.  I knew that.  My mom did that once, thats really not fair because when it comes to driving shes done everything at least once.  But regardless, I knew curbs popped tires.  I tried to tell the dh, "Would you quit taking the turns like that?  You're gonna pop a tire!"  I couldn't understand why he has such an issue as I manage to drive just fine without hitting any curbs.  Finally, after about 10 "I told you so's" he tells me, "I was just trying to prove you right."  Now, thats a smart man right there. 

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