Friday, August 20, 2010

Kids are great....for comic relief

I love conversation with 3 yr olds.  Mine recently came into the kitchen naked, so I asked him why he didn't have underwear on. He responded. "I was killing a cricket!"  Which in his mind probably made perfect sense, not so much to momma.  I told him he could wear underwear while killing crickets.  He growled at me and said, "FINE!" and stomped away.  There must be something to killing those crickets I don't know about.

My mother has a poodle who happens to have a tick problem.  So my mother had his shaved.  Now, we have owned poodles for more than 30 years but this shave even left me laughing.  Poor thing was down to his skin even on his ears.  When I saw him I told my mom, "He looks like a chihuahua." My older kids heard this and passed it on and a few minutes later my 4 yr old was running over to us to tell us, "Mickey was a chihuahua this whole time!"

My 6 yr old asked me to help him put on a belt while I was busy.  I told him to hang on and he stood patiently waiting.  He said, "I thought I heard you say something but it was just my mind messin' with me."  I told him I did say something, I told him to wait. Then I asked him, "Does your mind mess with you often?"  He tells me it does.  This actually explains a lot. 

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