Monday, August 16, 2010

Teeth and the Night

What is it about teeth pain and the dark?  As soon as the sun goes down anyone with a tooth ache suddenly needs a morphine drip in order to function.  When I had my wisdom teeth out as soon as the sun set my gums would start throbbing like my heart had migrated to my mouth.  Babies, whose teeth haven't even poked through yet, seem to yield to this affliction as well.  Are our mouths connected to the tide?  Is there an ocean in our teeth?  What would happen if I got on a plane and started flying, staying ahead of sunset, would my babies teeth come in without pain? 

The last few nights have left the dh and I with virtually no sleep.  My toddler is teething.  He has eye teeth coming in and some molars as well.  He can sleep fine during the day but as soon as I lay my head on a pillow at night he wakes up screaming and it doesn't stop till 5 am.  At which time of course he sleeps fine again.  Maybe while hes crying next time I will put his mouth to my ear and see if I can hear the ocean in there.  There has to be some connection. 

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