Saturday, August 7, 2010

Reserving Judgement...

In the last week I noticed something about myself.  I have become less judgmental.  Not to say that I was going around judging everyone, but everyone assumes something about someone at some point.  I am, however,  relieved  to say that I have been doing less of that lately.  And I have my kids to thank for that.

When you see someone out an about and they look like they have no idea what hygiene is, perhaps they do, but their baby kept them up all night.  I'm pretty sure the dh never went to work with 2 different shoes on, his shirt inside out, and his hair unwashed before he had kids.  Its just a side effect of being up half the night.  And sadly, thats happened more than a few times over the years.  So just because someone looks a mess, doesn't mean they are. 

If you ever ran across some filthy dirty kids while you have been out and you immediately suspect neglect, maybe rethink that.  For all you know they have been camping for 4 days and had to stop on the way home to use the rest room.  Here in AZ you don't get to camp in grass, you camp in dirt.  Wanna know what you look like after a few days with  no showers?  It ain't purtty.  I think it took a week to scrub the dirt off them. 

If you ever walk past a house or hear your neighbors yelling and screaming with the kids don't assume they are a dysfunctional family.  For all you know they are playing ghost hunter and then giving their kids a bath.  I actually got my toddler on video during bath time, just in case someone accuses me of abuse.  Kid can hit some decibels. 

And when I am the mother that has to think,"Oh my God, I hope no one thinks we are awful parents.",  its then I realize I should never think the same of someone else.  You just don't know. 

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