Friday, August 13, 2010

When Less is More

We have 3 bathrooms.  3.  You would think that would be a good thing.  I am starting to think other wise.  First, its 3 bathrooms I have to clean.  Which isn't really all that fun.  Especially when you have 6 boys.  They are young and still learning how to write their name in the snow, meaning their aim is not that great.    Further, you have to remember to stock 3 bathrooms with the necessities: soap, towels, toilet paper.  The last one is kinda important. Well, I guess its important to those that care to wipe their rears.  I think some children feel wiping is optional.  My youngest daughter however, does not. 

This morning I stopped in my bathroom while doing some laundry.  Not 10 seconds in there do I hear "I NEED TOILET PAPER."  coming from one of the other bathrooms.  I yell back, "I am busy I will be there in a minute."  2 seconds later I hear, "I NEED TOILET PAPER!" I yell back, "IN A MINUTE!"  2 seconds later again I hear, "I NEED TOILET PAPER."  How can I hear her but she can not hear me?  And how come I can hear her but no one else in the house can?  Is there special sound piping in the house that leads to where ever I am?

Every few seconds my dd screams, "I NEED TOILET PAPER!"  By the time I leave the bathroom I am laughing: she never calls a persons name, never opens the door to see if someone is around to help her, never bangs on walls or the door to get someones attention.  Just sits there screaming.  My way down with some tp I pass my oldest ds who also has some tp, at least someone else heard her. 

The worst part?  After I told the dh about this he said, "Oh thats what I forgot to do this morning."  Apparently he ran out and forgot to put some in there.  If I had 1 bathroom at least I could keep it clean and well stocked, if not have a line down the hall for its use.  At least we would all have tp when we needed it. 

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