Monday, August 2, 2010

Vacation part 2 - The Fun

On Wednesday we had decisions to make.  We had an entire week off for vacation and now we had nothing planned.  Then entire southwest United States was covered in rain, and for the whole week.  There was no camping happening anywhere.  We had 2 choices, pay for a hotel or do day trips. 

Option 1 is rather difficult with a large family.  Most times hotels will not allow you to have more than 3 children and 1 adult per room.  So even with 2 rooms we have too many.  Suites are usually up to 6 or 8 people, so we still have too many.  Renting a house needs to be done far in advance as they fill up.  It was not looking like a good option. 

Option 2 did not look much better.  Day trips in the rain when everything we would want to do outdoors kinda spoils the fun.  The Grand Canyon would be a giant slip and slide and not in a good way.  Hiking would have been fun, trudging through inches of mud.  We tried that before, so we could see the water fall at the White Tanks. We have the brown socks to prove it.  Speaking of which, why are socks white? 

We weighed our options and decided we would see if we could actually get a hotel room in Vegas.  Surely, with their vast array of hotels, they would have something available to us.  We hit the jack pot on the first try (funny pun there).  Circus Circus allows 5 kids and 1 adult per room if the extra kids are under 5.  Just to be sure we called a few more places and they all said we had too many kids.  So we booked the Circus Circus for the next night. 

We went from having the van packed for camping to going to Vegas for a day.  What a switch.  We had to repack our bags, sweats and hoodies weren't gonna cut it there.  Took the camping stuff out of the van, made a list of free things to do while there and headed out first thing the next day.  Yes, we are crazy, but thats what makes it so much fun. 

A few years ago I never would have done anything like this.  I am a planner, a perfectionist.  I have to sit and think about every scenario before I even make a decision.  The dh on the other hand is a free spirit, just gets up and goes where the winds take him.  He will suddenly take a turn off a road and say, "Lets see where this goes." Hes taught me so much about living in the moment, to just go with the flow.  Its opened up so many doors for me.  Before I am sure I missed out on a lot of fun, because now I find fun everywhere when I am being spontaneous.  

Tomorrow I will finish my vacation posts with pictures from Vegas and all the incredible stuff we did. 

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