Friday, September 10, 2010

Do you want a big family?

I got this from Life in a Shoe and decided to ask my own kids.  I have asked them before and they always say they do, with some exceptions.

Adele (12) - I hope so, cause its nice to have kids around.

Ann (11) - Yea, cause kids are great.

James (10) - No, 1 or 2.  I don't want a lot of kids wrecking my house.

Joe (8) - Yes, Actually 3 or 4.  Cause I just do.

Liam (6) - Yea sure.  About 7.  Cause I like kids.

Ian (5) - Uh huh.  Cause I just want to.  I want a mansion with a basement.  And a dog and A cat.  5 cats.  And 2 fish is a big fish tank.  I want 10 kids.

Ewan (3) - Yes, Alot.  Some Alot.  I love Natalie.  (Natalie is my niece).

It should be noted that James was just fighting with his bother and sister about loosing a game so he might be jaded.  You can  tell which kid is the big talker.

My 15 year old brother told me, when I asked him, that he wanted 6.  He wasn't crazy like me and gonna have 8.

My 25 Year old brother wants a large family as well.

Now, my 27 yr old brother wants no kids, no wife, no girl friend (or boy friend).  All those things cost money you know.

As for me, I want lots of kids.  At least 8.  :)

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