Monday, September 27, 2010

There has to be a better way

What do you do with all your home movies?  First we had VHS tapes.  And that was bad enough cause they are huge.  But at least they don't get scratched.  Then it was VHSC tapes.  Smaller at least but more difficult to transfer to another media.  Now its digital.  I can put it on an external harddrive, burn straight to DVD, or store on some other storage device like a san disk. 

Heres where I am running into trouble. I can't store all that video on my computer.  I can burn it straight to DVD but have found out the hard way I need to burn 2 and store 1 because 1 will inevitably get scratched and need to be replaced. You simply can not burn 1 and delete the video.  Trust me, it will be gone forever.  So then I have to store these videos somewhere the kids can't get to them and then I am storing like 100 dvds somewhere.  Not to mention thats not cheap.  I can store them on a external harddrive or 2 or 3.  We had one once.  It went corrupt.  Everything was lost including files for dhs work.  Very bad. Would also be very bad if that had our only copies of home videos.  San Disks would be ok, small to store, probably expensive in the end with all that we would need.  But most likely would never go bad. 

Here was what I am thinking, given the amount of homevideos we have.  I need a media server.  Yea just for videos and music and pictures. I don't know how many pics other families take but we have to back up my computer every 6 mos because we take so many.  Something tells me if I ask for one for Christmas I will probably get it.  What the best gift for a geek?  Asking him to work on something totally geeky for you. I am insane, a sever for home videos. 

Oh yea, technology makes things easier.  Hmmm.  It was way easier when you had pics developed and put them in a photo album.  When you stored all your home videos in VHS format under your TV.  Although I must say a 4 inch video recorder is way more portable that the contraption my mom was using in the 80s. 

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