Sunday, May 8, 2011

Being a Mom

Happy Mothers Day! 

What is it like to be a mom?  Its wondering why there is a tooth laying on the counter, its picking crayons out of your cup of water, its having to ask "Has anyone seen a dirty diaper laying around?" when you catch a streaker run by.  Being a mom is nursing a baby at midnight, comforting your 8 yr old from a nightmare at 2 am and going stargazing with your 12 year old at 4 am.  Being a mom is taking 3 months to read a book, 2 days to watch an hour program and never getting to hear a song all the way through on your mp3 player before someone needs your help.  Being a mom is being grateful for P/DVR's, Pause buttons and timers on coffee makers.  Being a mom means hurting for your children when they are ill, being proud when they accomplish something and loving them even when they hate you.  Whats it like to be a mom?  Its always having someone to love. 

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