Friday, May 6, 2011

A Sense of Irony

I don't think God has a sense of humor as much as he has a sense of irony.  Take for example our latest edition.  I hired a new midwife.  I explained how my labors are generally short, afterwards it takes me about a week to get back to my old self and the problem I generally have with breastfeeding is oversupply.  Well now life could not go and prove me right.  Oh no.  We had to be different this time.

This time I had a 22 hour labor, my 2nd longest.  She asked me around hour 20 if this was one of my longest labors, and I told her it was one of my longest labors 8 hours ago!  This time I am on day 10 and am still sore.  I still can't do a full shopping trip.  This time my milk decided it was going to take 4 days to come in and I didn't have a good supply even then.  Thank goodness for Dr. Jack Newmans site for the absolutely best information on how to tell a baby is not getting enough and how to increase your supply.  This after my poor baby was born starving.  Never before had I heard a baby, fresh from the womb, with a growly tummy.  Even the nurses has to comment on it.   And this time our baby has felt the need to hold onto that nasty umbilical cord stump even to day 10.  And this time I am within 5 pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight already.  Which normally I wouldn't complain about, but not if its whats causing me to have such issues with my milk supply. 

This time I had to be different.  I guess God felt I needed to feel like a first time mom again and to remind me that nothing is set in stone.  Hopefully my midwife doesn't think I was lying to her! 

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