Thursday, May 5, 2011

In case you ever wondered

Yes, the kids like living in a large family.  No, they do not feel resentful.  Quite the opposite.  Just today my 4 year old told me, "I wish you had had 2 babies."  I asked why and he said, "So we could have a boy and a girl."  I guess it didn't occur to him that I could have had 2 boys. 

Yesterday my youngest daughter told me she couldn't wait till the baby could sit.  I am forever telling people not to rush babies.  That I like them better when they can't go anywhere and get into stuff.  That they grow too fast the way it is.  Come to find out its not that she wants him to sit its that she wants him to be old enough for me to get pregnant again!  I was left speechless.  And thats pretty hard to do, those of you who know me are probably laughing your rears off.  I'm still sore from the last birth and as much as I like to add to my quiver can you give me a little while please? 

Then while discussing why people are constantly asking us if we are done yet (we're not if you haven't figured it out) my oldest said, "Good, I hope you keep having babies till you can't have them anymore."  I now know how my own mother felt when I was constantly bugging her for more siblings.

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